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Tappecue on oman alansa huippuvärkki, ja pittähän grillipojilla leluja olla.

Ainut ero tässä Suomessa myytävässä kansainväliseen versioon verrattuna on, että tuo sähköpistoke on paketista suomen paikallisten sääntöjen mukaan poistettu Hutun kettuun, (siinä oli Amerikan hyväksynnän merkit, ei suomen) eli tämä on nyt sitten virallisestUSB-versio. Halutessasi voit käyttää muualta hankittua USB-verkkovirta -adapteria (5.0V 1A). 

About Tappecue:

Tappecue is the future of thermometers used by the meat smoking hobbyists who need freedom from the smoke of their smokers. Unlike Bluetooth and radio frequency devices that limit the distance you can roam, Tappecue offers no limitation through Wi-Fi enabled probes and a state-of-the-art mobile application, which provides users with freedom to work on home projects, get last minute supplies at the grocery store, or play a game of golf without worry.  With Tappecue – You’ll always be one tap away from your barbecue! 

  Only being on tap away from your barbecue, Tappecue is revolutionizing the way we see cooking.  Cooking is no longer a task because Tappecue simply makes cooking fun and easy through the use of social media integration and its guest mode functionality.  Now, you, your friends and family can monitor the smoking session at the same time.  Experience social-cooking first hand.  Show up at your friend's or family's doorstep when the meat is done.  Share current temperatures and get your friends involved.  Post pictures of the finished results.  Become the expert BBQ chef. 

Coming soon recipes and video tutorials from some of the world’s greatest BBQ chefs will be posted within the app along with their rubs and sauces.  Learn from the best – become the best.  Impress your friends with the coolest barbecue gadget on the market today and the most delicious smoked meat you might have ever cooked!

 How Tappecue works:

Tappecue connects over your home Wi-Fi network just like you connect your mobile devices and laptops. Once connected to your network you will be then able to set temperature limits on your cooking session from your mobile app and start your smoking session. Once you plug in the power supply and your probes the Tappecue will start sending your temperature readings to the Tappecue Cloud. You can then monitor your cooking session no matter where you are and alerts will be sent to your Smartphone if the temperature goes out of limits or when your meat is done.  And voilà, you will have perfectly cooked meat.

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